Guidelines for Medical/Mental Health Professionals

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Guidelines for Medical/Mental Health Professionals
« on: February 22, 2015, 12:24:20 PM »
Welcome to Out of the Storm, we're glad you have taken the time to visit this site and learn about CPTSD from our perspective.  In addition to reading through our various forums, please note that we have included information in the way of a "Resources" section with forums for different types of information, as well as a "Books" section on the bar at the top of this page where there is a specific sub-section for professionals involved in the treatment of CPTSD.

Our Guidelines:

We ask that you:

  • Do not offer any direct diagnostic or prescriptive advice to members (for legal and ethical reasons) via PM or in a post to the forum.
  • Do not make a post which includes links to your web site, blog, etc., as this is considered solicitation and your post will be removed. (See our Member Guidelines for more on this topic).
  • Do not contact members directly.  You are most welcome to read through the various forums and if you do have any questions, post them in the thread "What would you like to know about CPTSD?"  sub-forum.  This maintains the confidentiality and privacy of members and allows those who wish to to post a response.  Alternately, you may start a new topic in this forum only.
  • Do not directly promote services or products (e.g., books) in any post.  You may, however, contact the Site Manager (Kizzie) if you wish to have something included in our "Resources" section.
  • Do not use any direct quotes (paraphrasing only) or identifying information (e.g., no pseudonyms) in any publications or professional presentations.
  • Contact the Site Manager (Kizzie) if you wish to solicit participants for research.  Please be prepared to forward relevant research documents such as your Ethics Approval, Informed Consent form, Participant Questionnaire, etc., for perusal by the OOTS Team.

Once again, thank you for visiting Out of the Storm and we hope that you have learned something about us along the way. 
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