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Title: Beating myself up again.
Post by: Boy22 on September 18, 2018, 10:25:32 PM
Last night the other half went off to his dance lessons and the boarder disappeared after dinner into his bedroom with his PC. So I started beating myself up about what lousy company I am after dinner because I drink too much wine, and drank more wine seeking solace or oblivion. Who knows?

I kept on beating myself up this morning when I woke. After a while I decided I would vent on the boarder but he disappeared as quick as a flash. So I guess Iíll just vent on here.

My inner child is terrified and in rage at that terror and pain, sadly with sufficient  wine on board he makes an appearance that frightens all within range. And I have no memory of it the next day so am left bewildered.

At least my wine consumption is dropping. Hopefully with ongoing therapy it will drop enough for me to be pleasant company of an evening again. 

Thatís all. Thanks for listening.
Title: Re: Beating myself up again.
Post by: Kizzie on September 18, 2018, 11:34:08 PM
Feel free to vent Boy, we all get it so aren't prone to retreating  :hug: