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Title: Just so tired
Post by: Eyessoblue on November 12, 2018, 09:10:34 PM
Do other people feel totally exhausted and struggle to literally do anything? I sleep 12-14 hours but with really vivid often scary dreams where I wake up and for a long time Iím still in that dream. But as the day goes on, I struggle to get dressed and do anything productive. I thought I actually must be ill so visited the gp and had lots of blood tests and everything is ok. Now Iím thinking, am I just totally lazy or is this connected to the cptsd/depression? I really do struggle to just get washed and dressed sometimes and when I do I tell myself off, I see myself as lazy which I hate and wonder sometimes if I use my diagnoses as an escape but when I say I struggle I really mean I do, all the time my brain is telling me to go to sleep, go back to bed but itís like my body keeps fighting on and saying no you need to do these things etc, I end up in a viscous cycle where I want to but I canít then when I donít I make myself worse! Just wondered if anyone else was like this or maybe itís just meí
Title: Re: Just so tired
Post by: LilyITV on November 13, 2018, 03:23:34 PM
Yes I do.  I have never thought that I might be mildly depressed because I can manage to get everything done I need to during the week, but on weekends I crash.  I can drag myself out of bed if there's something I have to do, but if there's nothing then I can't manage to do anything productive. 

I used to take all types of supplements--iron, B-12, etc because I thought there was something physically wrong with me.  Or I just thought that my fatigue was just a normal part of being a parent of young kids or just getting older.

I was reading elsewhere on this board that constantly being in a state of anxiety does cause fatigue and that makes perfect sense.  Since I've started therapy and learning ways to cope with anxiety, I'm noticing more days where I have high energy.