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Title: Power Threat Meaning Framework
Post by: sj on January 03, 2019, 12:24:10 PM
I wasn't really sure where to place this, so perhaps it will need to be moved...?

I'm very interested in this framework, which I hope is both a sign of greater positive shifts in underlying attitudes and assumptions about mental health issues, as well as a catalyst for further shifts in this direction. I love that in this framework they tend to say 'people in distress' rather than emphasise mental illness and labels, which can be so limiting and stigmatising. Though they also leave room for labels as they acknowledge the benefit of those also. It seems genuinely flexible and inclusive in its approach.

The following link provides further links to the PDF of the the full framework, as well as one for a summary version.

I often find it very difficult to read a lot of text, so I searched for videos and found the following one discussing it at the launch of the framework.

"The approach of the Framework is summarised in four questions that can apply to individuals, families or social groups:

What has happened to you? (How is power operating in your life?)
How did it affect you? (What kind of threats does this pose?)
What sense did you make of it? (What is the meaning of these situations and experiences to you?)
What did you have to do to survive? (What kinds of threat response are you using?)

Two further questions help us think about what skills and resources people might have and how they might pull all these ideas and responses together into a personal narrative or story:

What are your strengths? (What access to Power resources do you have?)
What is your story? (How does all this fit together?)"

This workshops info may be useful and/or of interest to members in Australia -
Title: Re: Power Threat Meaning Framework
Post by: sj on January 06, 2019, 06:05:57 AM
 hi BeHea1thy :wave:
and no worries :thumbup:
it's a lot to read and take in, but it's brilliant and encouraging, eh :)