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Title: (^o_._o^) Im back..
Post by: chairmanmeow on June 01, 2016, 03:36:25 AM
Oh wow this site got an overhaul, I havent been around for a while..
It is exactly as the site is named, this fog of disassociation is a * of thing, the more you educate yourself the more you move your perspective away from that ground zero point where you dont have the perspective to see yourself or the situation.
My mantra these days has been cultivating emotional intelligence..
Emotions follow their own rules and processes and nuro pathways in different parts of your brain, so in my humble opinion eating a buncha emotion suppressing SSRI's and doing Cognitive Behavioral  Therapy to rationally suppress emotions as a fix for this is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. Maybe even more damaging in the long run...
My CPTSD has robbed me of so much emotional depth as it is leaving a disconnected Highly functioning sociopath of a shell, feeling anything with real depth just opens the flood gates of pain, and sets off my anxiety biology machine rendering me useless as the protagonist in my own life. 
I connect the dots, I read the books, I end up here.. Hello again.   :heythere:
Title: Re: (^o_._o^) Im back..
Post by: Dutch Uncle on June 01, 2016, 03:48:28 AM
Hello again, indeed.  :wave:
Title: Re: (^o_._o^) Im back..
Post by: Three Roses on June 02, 2016, 04:41:17 AM
Hello, nice to meet you!  :wave: