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Title: 58 days
Post by: iamstill02 on October 12, 2016, 02:54:46 AM
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Thanks for allowing me on the site. My abuser gets released in 58days. It has been five years and four months since my last  interaction with him. Although he has continuously been writing me throughout. I have his only child and my anxiety is steadily rising about the months to come. Since his incarceration, I have continued down the rabbit hole of self destruction and just this moment find a sliver of solace that I am finally addressing my issues and looking for a positive recovery. I hope everyone is doing OK. Have a good night.
Title: Re: 58 days
Post by: Sisue on October 12, 2016, 03:46:33 AM
Glad you joined us, iamstill02!  Welcome!

So sorry you are dealing with such a stressful situation.  Do you have a therapist who can help you prepare for his release?  And rally the troops!  Do you have close family and friends who can help and support you?  We will be here too, but I know how important it is to have the bodies near and dear!
Title: Re: 58 days
Post by: Three Roses on October 12, 2016, 04:39:20 AM
Welcome! Thanks for joining :hug:
Title: Re: 58 days
Post by: Dee on October 12, 2016, 12:39:06 PM

I've been here.  I counted the days until my abuser was released.  It was by far the worse dreams I have ever had.  My abuser was incarcerated for just under 9 years and I felt like no time had elapsed and I was still 17.  I don't have any advice to offer other than I survived.  To be honest, I ran.  I went overseas less than 6 months later and stayed for 13 years.  Do what you need to do to feel safe.
Title: Re: 58 days
Post by: Dee on October 13, 2016, 03:01:46 AM
I keep thinking of you so I just went back and reread.  I think you are strong to have the child.  I feel that I only saw myself in my reply and I apologize.  I cannot imagine the hardship of the situation.  I totally missed that when I read it the first time.  I think I just glossed over it the first time and related what I wanted.  I feel amazing admiration for you.

I really want to know that you are okay.