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Title: Acceptance & Breaking the Cycle
Post by: PurpleZebra on May 04, 2017, 02:13:58 PM

I have been suffering from Depression and Anxiety since childhood. I have sought help at various times throughout my life but never found someone that worked well with me and was not ready to divulge everything to one person. I just started seeing a Psychologist and am ready to fully recover. At our last visit she stated that aside from Depression and Anxiety she believes I have PTSD or C-PTSD. I have been on this cycle for awhile now and fully want to heal and move forward with my life. I change jobs every 2 years or less because my depression or disinterest gets so bad that I cannot do the work and I jump ship before I have a chance to be fired. I constantly view things as triggers and have flashbacks and am in a state of panic when by myself. My husband has been very supportive and keeps me going. But I am exhausted and believe that this behavior has exhausted my marriage as well. I am just looking at what has truly worked for others to start quieting the noise in your head or the negative voices/ideas when they present themselves. Thank you