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Title: Cat stories
Post by: Lingurine on August 03, 2017, 11:10:02 PM
Since I've noticed there are a lot of catlovers on this site, it seemed like a fun idea to share catstories here. Okay I'll start.

I own a cat named Bobbie and when we rest on the bed together, we watch, surprised everytime, when my window is open, how the neighbour cat climbs in.
This daredevil has an interesting way to climb her way into my window. First, she sees me opening the window from downstairs, then she runs to the fence from the neighbours, jumps on the fence, jumps then on the house extensions, jumps on the roof and then keeps running (!) through the gutter. Finally arrived in front of my window, she hesitates, makes the jump over the roof tiles, into my window and, Voila, I'm in, let the party begin  :yes:

Oh Yes, and when my window is closed, she does the same thing and goes hanging on the window screaming, till I open it.  :stars:
And when she does this at night, all the lights outside flip on, so funny  :rofl:

What's you're cat story?

Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Elphanigh on August 04, 2017, 02:20:50 PM
I love this idea Lingurine!  :cheer:

My cat is an interesting creature, since she was adopted from a pretty bad background. It is hard to pinpoint a specific story because I have had her for a year and she is just so interesting. However, in my old place she was fascinated with our fireplace. It was her favorite spot to lay when it was on. So much that I was worried one day she would burn herself laying against the grate (she never did, I always watched her). She got spoiled with this spot and when I wouldn't turn it on she would lay there and just stare at me. Meow a bunch, showing her want for it to be turned on. She had learned that was the way to my heart and I would generally turn it on for  a bit.

My other favorite was the first time I ever saw her play with a toy, which was about a month after adopting her. I was so convinced she just never played, until I came home after midnight one night to catch her throwing this toy mouse in the air running to the other end of the apartment just to sprint over and pounce on it. It was my favorite because it was the first time I saw her be that playful 2 year old cat she should be.
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: woodsgnome on August 04, 2017, 04:47:18 PM
"However cat lives work, look me up again, ok?" I told my dying cat about 12 years ago. Of course, it's just one of those things a grieving cat person would say to a 20-year-old feline companion, right?

A few months later, I spotted a small animal darting around a short distance down my driveway. It was white, and I first thought it must be a weasel, also known as ermine. Except they change colours to white in winter, and it was still autumn.

Then it spotted me, and had this almost familiar look in its glance. As it came closer, it was obvious it was a small kitten (found out later from a vet that it was around 4 months old). But from where? I live in a backwoods area with no close neighbours, and they didn't have cats. Then the cat confidently moved towards me, as if inviting me to pet it, which I did; it momentarily wandered away as if thinking about something, but shortly returned and brushed up against me, imploring some more petting. Still grieving my last cat, I wasn't really looking for another, but this one tagged right along wherever I went, certain and not shy like many young kittens are.

So this is a cat-found-me story; and I better add a couple other very intriguing details. See, I buried my previous black/white cat in her favourite white blanket. Well, this one's fur was all-white. And it's behaviour was eerily familiar. And he moved right in as if yep, this was his place alright. And been here ever since.

While I'm not a whole-hearted believer in supernatural mysteries, I don't discount them either. So who knows. But it made choosing his name easy--Mystic.
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Elphanigh on August 04, 2017, 07:10:32 PM
That is such a great story! No matter what you believe it seems like you two are a perfect match
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Kat on August 04, 2017, 07:36:41 PM
We've got three cats and a cat door that is open all of the time.  One of the cats began bringing a neighbor cat around.  The two of them would show up for some food and then go off on their kitty adventures or cuddle up on the patio furniture.

One day I decided to write a note and attach it to the cat's collar.  In the note I wrote that my cat Snowbie had been bringing this cat around.  I gave a general description of the part of the street we live on. 

When the two furry buddies next showed up, the neighbor cat had a new note attached to his collar.  Turns out his name is Binx.  The owner included her address.  My kids and I bought a bag of treats and walked the few doors down to introduce ourselves and gift them with the kitty treats.  Binx's owner told us that Binx often brought our cat to her yard as well.  The owner was shocked and embarrassed to hear that Binx had actually been coming in the house.

That was a couple of years ago now.  The other day two of my cats were outside on the patio sleeping.  It was morning, and I'd been up for a bit.  Binx came walking out of my bedroom--evidently he'd been asleep under the bed--and strolled out the cat door.  When the heat hit him, he turned right back around and returned to my bedroom.  I'm assuming the neighbors weren't running the a/c.

Oh, and he and my cat seem to have had a falling out.  They haven't been hanging out much and Binx now simply invites himself in.
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Deb on August 08, 2017, 01:01:41 PM
Enjoying these stories. I have an 11yr old brown burmese boy who i adore. He's such a snuggly affectionate boy. Dont feel up to writing a story but thanks for yours.
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Kat on August 08, 2017, 06:45:34 PM
This isn't exactly a cat story.  It does involve a cat door and cats, so I'm going to go ahead and tell it.  At the time this happened, I owned two cats.

Late one night, I was in my living room watching TV.  Everyone else in the house was already asleep.  You might know about those nights. 

Anyhow, a noise came out of the background and put itself front and center in my awareness.  One of my cats was in the kitchen eating kibble.  But it was chewing quite loudly.  He or she was really going to town with the food. 

That's when I noticed that my other cat was sitting at my feet.  But, wait, there was one on my lap as well.  OK, WAIT!  My two cats are with me!  What is in my kitchen eating kibble?  I went to investigate and found a huge opossum helping itself to a free meal.  I opened the backdoor to shoo it out.  It ran into the wall first with a large THUMP before waddling away into the night.

Here's the thing, you guys.  In order to get to the kitchen, that big guy had to walk across my living room.  He had likely walked right in front of the TV without me noticing.  Oh, and don't think I wasn't a bit upset at my cats for simply allowing it to waltz into the house and eat their kibble without at least pretending to be indignant and territorial. 
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Lingurine on August 09, 2017, 10:09:46 PM
When my cat whom I had for 15 years, he reached the respectable age of 20, died, it was such a sad moment. We buried him into the garden, together with his favorite blanket, the herbal tea he loved, (no kidding) and a photo of us, his caregivers, so he would not forget us.

When I was so sad that day, a beautiful cat came walking into my house, I sat on the wooden floor and he came sitting in front of me, pulled up his paw and from that moment, I named him little horse, because he looked like a horse doing that.

He came visiting us every day. He obviously needed friends and good caregivers, but was so scared, I could never close the door when he walked in. It was freezing outside and there I sat with him. He wanted to sit on my lap, but with the door open and me turning blue with my winter jacket on.

That went on for months. One day I went to the veterinarian with him and he was not chipped, he didn't belong to anyone. After 6 months we decided to keep him. I closed the door behind him when he came. We had him for three precious years, then he died from a Tia and I was so sad but thankful to have known him.

Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: woodsgnome on August 10, 2017, 02:26:14 PM
So I live in the woods.

Outside roams a variety of wildlife--deer, turkeys, coyotes, wolves, black bears--and overhead it's usual to view hawks, eagles, loons, and the like. Inside, with me, is my cat Mystic, who loves observing all of the above as well.

At least until one day, when a black bear was curious enough to wander close by (they're usually too shy to mess with people much). I didn't see it at first but upon hearing Mystic scampering up to the cabin's highest point in the loft, I glanced out and saw the bruin checking out my vehicle's tires. Then I made some noise and it wandered back to the woods.

Meanwhile, I had to reassure Mystic that after all, it was "only a big mouse." He preferred his version, methinks.
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Lingurine on August 16, 2017, 09:27:42 AM
Woodsgnome, that sounds like a wonderful place, where you live. All the wildlife, the bears, wolves, eagles. This story about the bear and Mystic sounds so visual, I can almost see it happening.
Do you have contact with the animals, other than Mystic. Do you all get to know each other?

Keep writing, I love your stories.

Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: woodsgnome on August 16, 2017, 05:57:48 PM
Okay, here's a slight deviation from the cat stories featured in this thread. Lingurine wondered if I..."have contact with the animals, other than Mystic. Do you all get to know each other?"

I suppose in a way we must. I have run straight into bears on walks, for instance, and there seemed to have been an affinity if it can be called that (but not in the 'grizzly adams' sense at all :bigwink:). Certain group coyote howls seem directed my way on occasion to where one would swear an angelic chorus just showed up. Deer tend to appear in meaningful ways, as do turkeys.

I know this sounds as if I'm seemingly adding meaning to chance encounters, but having been here 30+ years I've grown to notice a difference between wishful thinking and meaningful interactions.

I'm especially drawn to eagles as I consider them members of my 'totem', along the lines of native tribal lore and spiritual notions. An eagle's appearance can remind me to stay above the fray, if you will, but also alert (mindful); above the troubles that rattle my soul.

Their soaring presence is a big part of how I chose to be here, where everyday is sort of its own meditation, right outside the door. So this environment acts as not a retreat to which I go, but a place of peace from where I can face the world (and the memories that followed me here and haunt me still).

This is all my way of incorporating meditation as a way of life, I guess; weaving the land and beings around me into life's fabric. I desperately needed that when I came here, though it seems to have altered in recent years; to where I realize that I'm too isolated from the human side, too. How to balance is a challenge. On the other hand, I shudder to think of life around the monstrous humans I was fleeing from.
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Lingurine on August 18, 2017, 09:44:58 AM
Those eagles, as members of your totem, remind me of the movie 'Dances with wolves' where all the indians got a totem and a name that fit their habits. Other then their birthname. They believed the totem animal was a protector in life. Also an animal where you get your strenght from. What traits do you have, that look like the eagle? And what indian name would you give yourself?

We do tend to be alone as humans, at least, I love to be alone. Cats give me more comfort than humans ever do, to be honest. They feel my moods and without using words I think that's pretty amazing.

Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: woodsgnome on August 18, 2017, 07:16:05 PM
My affinity with eagles is a topic I could talk about for hours, but I'll try and stick to essence here.

The eagle has always been like a protector/guide for me. Interestingly, they're so common around here they're easy to become blase about. But they've always returned me to a place where I feel I can handle life again.

Traits that I've shared and/or derived from eagles? Perhaps the most obvious is how I prefer to soar above the tumult below, scan the territory, and follow my heart (and/or eyes workikng with the heart) to where I need to focus. Then I can swoop in to the place indicated.

In that sense, I feel that thinking of eagles saved me when I found myself  dissociating during certain childhood traumas (adult too for that matter)--no matter what or who was hurting me I found solace in picturing an eagle and riding with it above whatever was happening to me. So perspective on a situation has been a gift from eagle many times.

This still happens. Once I was having a hard time at a therapy session. I asked my T if she might allow me to hold a plush eagle puppet toy from a basket she keeps near the meeting area. That calmed me instantly--to be able to hold onto this symbolic friend with which I'd found comfort and peace through all the troubled times. She gave me that eagle to take with, and it's by me where this is being written.

Other noticeable traits in addition to gaining a higher perspective on life include searching for options and areas not always obvious from ground level. The eagle's association with the east wind conveys messages of hope, the new dawn, and rebirth--all of which I've needed reminding about frequently; and eagle has done that. In that sense it conveys a spiritual message in its ability to soar higher than any other bird. Not just to be above the fray but to ride the currents to a place of new hope.

Eagles can thus inspire someone having a difficult time with its stamina, resilience, and courage; and to live from a place of honest perseverance. Free to be one's self might in turn lead to creative ways to approach difficulties, old or new.

Eagles can seem aloof (I sure appear this way to many!), but hold an attraction with broad appeal (e.g. I've been an actor whose roles affected many in positive ways). Although this seems true, in my case I've been unable to return the gesture in large measure due to my huge distrust of people--so I guess hypervigilance can be added as another trait I share with eagles.

Though I consider eagle as my totem, people have also told me I've reminded them of an otter's playfulness. While the native (Ojibwe) word for otter is Nigig or Nigik-wag, in my life it's morphed into "woodsgnome" (now you know :bigwink:) or "woodswhimsy". Eagles are known as migizi, but I prefer to use the otter-derived nicknames.

Thanks for stimulating my thoughts on eagles, Lingurine. I've been in some tough EF territory lately, and shifting my focus back to eagles bodes well and brings me an instant calmer demeanour--when I think of eagles I feel at home in my heart.

Not a cat story, per this thread, I guess; but I concur with Lingurine's connections with them. I suppose I could tell of the time a cat of mine once spooked an eagle, but I'll let that one go with the hope that perhaps it brought a wistful smile amidst all the troubles we discuss on this forum.

And that nod to new discoveries, of course, is yet another trait of eagles that I can relate to. And exploring those new ways has helped me open to other routes out of the storm before. Trust eagles.
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Blueberry on August 18, 2017, 08:55:20 PM
Beautiful and inspirational, woodsgnome!

I had a porcupine for a while as protector animal (in my head and feelings). Porcupines attack defensively when they need to.

Now to get back to cats...
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Lingurine on August 18, 2017, 10:46:42 PM
You all are so very welcome to talk about all the animals you're related to or have affinity with  :hug:
It sure does help get feelings find a way out.

I never had the opportunity to see an eagle and I find it fascinating there are so many in your surroundings. It can help to compare yourself to the animal you admire.
For me that's the tiger, one of the wilder felines and almost extinct. A solitary animal, but social, loves to bathe and needs a lot of territory. Is a victim of poachers and that fact goes for me too, sadly enough. I find tigers tremendously strong and for me, I like to watch from the bushes and don't make a sound  :bigwink:
Like the real tiger, I tend to avoid others of the same species.

Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: ALLHAILTHEGLOWCLOUD on August 19, 2017, 06:08:13 AM
I adopted two orange striped kittens this last spring- both girls, which is rare for orange cats, and from the same litter.  Watching them grow has been quite the experience!  They both likely have some kind of larger breed in them, maybe Bengal from the markings, because at 6 months they are already well over the size they should be.  We think they're going to be really big and dwarf our seven year old brown tabby.

They're named Lyra and Pantalaimon after the Golden Compass characters [two halves of the same soul, for those who haven't read the book].  They sleep in the bathroom at night and come and approach us when they're ready for bed.  They like to sit in the sunshine on the windowsill behind my potted plants and are learning to be gentle with growing things.  When I was having flashbacks this afternoon they took a break from crashing around the living room to sit next to me and tried to be on their very best behavior, lol.  They were taking turns sitting on my stomach and purring and being really sweet, but it didn't take long for them to get distracted by something, usually their own tails.

Pan likes to go down into our bathtub and sort of scoot/flop around until she can slide along the curves.  She really enjoys chasing her tail in there until she gets too dizzy to stand.  She also likes being held upside down.

Lyra is a little more uncertain and she was really sick as a kitten, but now she's even bigger than her sister and doing great.  When she wants attention, she prances around and sticks her tail straight up and wiggles it furiously, and makes this high-pitched little meow.  Or she'll flop over on her back and smile at you with her teeth!

Daphne is our oldest kitty.  She is very set in her ways and is happiest when she has all her favorite things gathered together in a pile to lay on.  She likes sticks and feathers, especially from seagulls, and also crinkly balls and her brush.  She has a bright white belly and white gloves and go-go boots to match.  She's super talkative and sometimes mimics people's inflections.  Most of the time she can be found sleeping on the rug with her belly up, or flopped over the turntable where she isn't supposed to go, but which has become her territory. 

The kittens have a box in our living room that they've somehow learned how to get underneath, and they like to scoot around the living room chasing each other like it's a cardboard tank.  Daphne our older kitty loves watching their games and has relaxed a lot more since we got them and become much more playful herself, even though they drive her nuts sometimes. 

Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Lingurine on August 19, 2017, 09:10:54 PM
What a beautiful story allhailtheglowcloud.

I have a wooden plate hanging in a tree in my garden, it says: 'Alley cats rescued here'. I don't know, but sometimes it's like the neighbourcats can read.

 In the morning, when I open the door to my garden, to let fresh air in and Bobbie out, two neighbourcats are waiting in front of the door. One red cat is waiting on the doormat and his little sister is standing next to him. When they want in, Bobbie wants out, so my cat jumps over the two neighbourcats when they stoop at the same time, in a hurry, eager to get into the house. Every morning the same ritual. This is so breathtakingly cute...

Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: woodsgnome on August 19, 2017, 10:43:15 PM
Just a few years ago, my household consisted of 2 fun-loving cats, 3 husky dogs (big but gentle!), and me. When we were all inside, the living area was 24ft x 18ft, with high lofts and cathedral (beamed) ceiling.

So...pretty cozy.

The cats had several ways of showing the dogs who was in charge, from a variety of hisses to an occasional display of threatening claw, to their favoured mode--the silent stare that said "don't even think about it--it's my toy, you go and chew on your bone". The cats were always adamant about ignoring their own water dish in favour of visiting and lapping up out of the dogs allotment--that is, if they knew the dogs were watching. This was always done with smug, self-satisfied looks, as if the water there was better than their own. No food fights, though; apparently there really is a difference between commercial dog and cat food (or maybe they read the labels?).

The best show of feline solidarity, though, was their frequent staged theatrical performances. Here's the skinny--the cats (7 years apart in age) would wait for an opportune quiet peaceful moment. Lots of moments here are like that, but they were excellent choreographers so they waited for the perfect moment to start the nightly show.

So with the dogs curled up in front of the fireplace, the cats would enter the area looking like wrestlers entering for a prize match. The snoozing dogs would hitch up a bit, then come to full attention once the show started.

The show consisted of some of the greatest, fiercest, snarling cat brawls in history--except they were, to my eyes anyway, fake (or maybe practice?)--each cat would stop short at a critical juncture when they could have sunk their teeth or claws deep into the other. They'd feint around some more, again like wrestlers or boxers cannily circling the other, keeping their dukes up ready for the next 'blow'.

Soon there'd be an upper cut, perhaps a counter swipe, a couple of hisses, and then, usually within about 20 minutes, both cats took their triumphant spots on opposite sides of the dogs water bowl, and drank 'er up in a toast to their own performance. Then they'd wander off to a loft and curl up together, both champs for the night, content to let the world pass as they snuggled into their partner's stack of fur. They were together and happy.

The dogs (and I) were usually just amazed. While watching the cats, the dogs would look at each other, back to the felines, to me, the only human in the appreciative audience; and they weren't about to interfere with a grand performance. Once the cats had skedaddled to their spots, the dogs looked around, grabbed some grub from their bowls, and looked at each other, satisfied it had been a worthwhile show.

So that was our nightly gathering, and all was well.

Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Kat on August 20, 2017, 04:42:37 PM
I miss my cat Shaun so much.  He was a big, goofy guy, cross-eyed.  He had a knowing soul and was so gentle with me. 

I got Shaun from a rescue.  All of the cats were kept in one large enclosure.  The back wall of the enclosure had shelves at various levels for the cats to perch upon.  When I entered the room, there were other people looking at the cats.  As I stood looking around at all of the different cats, Shaun got up from one of the shelves and made his way down to the front to rub on the cage in front of me.  He had chosen me.  I was so, so lucky. 

I miss so much about him, but the main thing I miss was his touch.  I remember so many times lying on my bed next to him.  If I was feeling depressed or scared, he would reach out a single paw and place it gently on my arm.  We would stay like that together in silence, but that one little paw contained so much energy and conveyed such love and such knowing.  He always made me feel so safe.  He was an amazing creature and was here for too short a time.
Title: Re: Cat stories
Post by: Lingurine on August 20, 2017, 09:25:50 PM
Shaun sounds like a real darling, Kat, I'm so sorry you have to miss him  :hug:

What a great household woodsgnome!  :hug:
Cats do have their ways telling us and other animals that they rule, don't they? I so love that about them... 

Today I was walking into the woods and remembered a vacation in Greece. When you love cats, it's a great place to be. I was just walking somewhere and sat down on the street, when from every corner, cats appeared. They came and sat with me and wanted to be stroked. I remember being overwhelmed with emotions, because...there where so many and I loved them all instantly, it was a great bonding experience.
Most cats there are very skinny, because it's so hot outside, but also because their owners tend to not feed them especially, so they came begging for food at the restaurants.