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Title: Hi
Post by: MamaSilv on January 12, 2018, 05:05:17 AM
Title: Re: Hi
Post by: Elphanigh on January 12, 2018, 05:52:36 AM
Hi Mamacavewoman,

I am glad you found this place, although sorry for what you have experienced that has brought you here, I personally am not married nor do I have kids, but I can relate to having some outburst towards people I care about. I believe that can be common if there has been triggers or just a lack of outlet elsewhere.

It seems you are doing everything you can to get help and ensure that you heal. That is such a huge step, and I am glad you can take it. Remember to always be patient with yourself on this journey.
Title: Re: Hi
Post by: Libby18 on January 12, 2018, 06:23:48 AM
Just wanted to say hello and welcome.

I can really relate to your situation. After a lifetime of abuse from my parents,  I can now see so clearly how I took everything out on my poor husband. 

After having a period of complete "breakdown",  getting help, piecing together all of the elements that led to this, and going NC with my family,  I really am healing.  My husband isn't keen to discuss my worst behaviour,  but I gave him the Pete Walker c-ptsd book, and he will now say things like 'the book says...' so I know he is supporting me. This might be an idea for you and your husband.

Being here has helped me so much and I hope we can do the same for you. 

All the best,