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Has anyone experienced sensitivites ot foods in the Nightshade family? They include tomatoes, tomatillos, eggplant, potatoes, peppers (bell peppers, paprica, all of them) tobacco, gooseberry, Asci berries.

I suddenly found myself in the Neurologic ICU with total paralysis that lasted for months, the condition had no obvious cause and doctors were flummoxed. They finally called it A.M.S.A.N (acute motor sensory axonal neuropathy)  and said it was probably an autoimmine disorder, I couldn't move anything but my eyes and mouth, organ failure I was a mess. As I recovered I developed ITP which is another autoimmune disorder caused by the failure of my bone marrow and nearly died from that. Eight years later i am mostly recovered some things will never be the same. I have been in therapy for the last five years to deal with a history of extreme domestic violence, rape and incest. EMDR was finally the thing that saved me. Have others experienced anything like this?

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