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Introductory Post / newbie starting counselling
« on: July 24, 2018, 06:46:18 PM »
hello, happy to have found my way here. Iím new to the site and the forum and new to recognising that Iím affected by cptsd.

Iím in the U.K. and have started therapy with a counsellor who understands cptsd.  Iím trying to get my head around different types of therapy available in the U.K. - are there reasons why people may opt for NHS psychology services, or psychiatry or psychotherapy or counselling? Iíve gone down the private Skype counselling route and early days but so far so good.

Itís just that I made the decision myself without GP or anyone elseís involvement and before I get in too deep, Iím starting to wonder about what the benefits are of other types of therapists.

Have people found that their recovery journey hasnít been a one stop shop in terms of therapists?

If this should go in the therapy section then please move, sorry. Iím an adult child of Narc parent.

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