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Therapy / therapist talking to me like a child
« on: June 30, 2019, 04:07:14 PM »
I am trying to go back to therapy after some damaging experiences in the past.  I feel pretty burned by disastrous emdr, and trust issues with therapists.

I had an initial session, and right away remembered one of my big problems was that therapists start to use this type of voice, which sounds like they are talking to me like a child. I hate it. It drops me into this kind of dead zone where I can't think or talk, and I feel panic like something really bad is about to happen to me..... it feels very bad.

Does anyone know why therapists do this? Is it a style thing, or some therapy room technique? Is it possible to bring it up and request it is not used? Is this part of therapy? I hope I'm making sense.

General Discussion / help and education needed about death anxiety
« on: June 26, 2019, 05:23:47 PM »
Hello everyone, I'm new here.  I am also about 2 years in to learning about my symptoms and what cptsd is about.  I have derealization dissociation a lot when I get stressed.

I have a question about anxiety about death.  I am not sure what kind of symptom this is...hyper vigilance?  I sought out this forum because I go through periods where I am certain I am about to die shortly.  Like I only have a few weeks left.  Or, if I depersonalize, I think the truth is that I died a long time ago, and I am a ghost just trying to figure out that I died and will shortly move on.

I had a dream a couple months ago that my recently deceased grandma came to me and told me she was taking me "home" after a car accident I was going to have.  She said the "big day" was going to be 6/28, this Friday. :'(  I've had bad dreams all week about it, dreams about taking a "big sleep for 100 years", funeral dreams, I see caskets.... something feels like it's going haywire.

I'm trying not to freak out, but it is unfortunately actually getting to me. I feel like it's real, but I'm trying to understand it's anxiety, somehow related to cptsd. 

I guess I'm trying to educate myself about this kind of anxiety and nightmares to help myself ground.  Any ideas how this relates to cptsd???

Introductory Post / Introduction today
« on: June 26, 2019, 04:49:54 PM »
Hi I am new here today. I found this board because I am trying to connect more with people who also have cptsd. I am part of a pretty good online community for healing wounds from childhood, but I am finding that some of my symptoms seem a little intense for this other board. I wanted to find a community where some of my particular problems are more commonly understood. 

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