Mental Health Journalist Looking for OOTS Member from Texas USA to Interview

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Caroline Covington is a mental health journalist in Austin Texas who is looking for a member of OOTS from Texas to interview for a radio piece she is producing.  It is about adults who developed Complex PTSD due to childhood trauma and their experiences with the US/state mental health care system.  As she wrote in her email:

A lot of the news coverage right now focuses on how we care for children experiencing abuse and trauma, which is great, but my story is about the adults who still live with the effects many years later and who may not have a clear way to deal with them because our health care system is slow to understand and recognize the impacts of childhood trauma on adult mental health.
If you live in Texas and are willing to be interviewed, you can contact Caroline by telephone at 512-915-6558 or by email at  FYI her web site is here.   
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