MK Ultra (Abusive CIA Mind Control Program) - TW! Violence; CSA

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MK Ultra (Abusive CIA Mind Control Program) - TW! Violence; CSA
« on: September 16, 2018, 02:31:55 AM »
When I was 6 years old, I drew/colored a picture of the devil in a Military officer's uniform. I have no idea where that image came from. Even now I can only see it on the paper I colored it on. It's not in my memory. And I don't know who really carries it..perhaps little andy. However it wasn't him that colored it...cuz the work was more on 6yr old level instead of 3.

It got me in trouble at school...we were having free drawing time,  but we must draw something, not color in coloring books. So I drew him. I was attending a private Christian school at the you can imagine that my image caused quite a stir. Got in trouble there and they had meeting with my in trouble at home too.  Which got me a beeting.

Off and on over the years I had heard or read reference to MK Ultra, and other MK programs. Book and Movie character Jason Bourne is a product of the MK programs. Some of the programs were designed to make assassins for the CIA. Just like Jason Bourne.  Another construct of the MK programs is "The Manchurian Candidate".

Other programs...not so much. MK Ultra was designed to gain power over powerful people...through sex....specifically with children...and as they grew up...teens. Which then could be used to blackmail these powerful people...members of Congress and the Senate, here in the U.S., and members of other governments too.

A few weeks ago I had a profoundly shocking experience. The MK programs were run, initially by the OSS...the precurser of the CIA. Starting in the late 30s. In 1939 the OSS recruited my Grandfather to join their agency.  Due to his college and profession of being a commercial airline pilot, they brought him in at the rank of full Colonel....he was 29 years old. But he was someone they wanted badly enough. See, grandpa had an engineering degree and a photographic memory. Which made him a perfect candidate to be an operator.

All Dad knows is that Grandpa reported to only 2 people...both generals, one ours and one, an ally. Not even the President was in his chain of command. He had orders to shoot anyone who questioned him, while he was "working". And he traveled extensively throughout Europe. And carried a briefcase handcuffed to his non-shooting wrist.

I remembered Dad showing me his Dad's tax papers and stuff...which showed his Dept. of Gov't being OSS, and the division being TS. Technical Services...which ran the MK programs.

Some how, some way, my Dad's Dad, Grandpa...was involved with the MK programs.  I sure hope it was the ones involved in making these automaton assassins and not the child sex programs.

When I was not yet 3, I was raped and assaulted by both a grown man, a soldier my Dad worked with, and a teenage boy at the nursery/daycare I went to. This was in 1976. My Dad was stationed in Germany at the time.

The second part of my shocking experience the other week...I was scrollling through my Twitter feed and saw some posts by one I follow, refering to MK ULtra and a few people by name. I followed the trail to the OP of those tweets...and saw a picture.  :aaauuugh: :spooked: :fallingbricks: :stars: ??? :'(

It was the man...the devil in Military officer's uniform!!!!!

He's still alive today. He has been cited in numerous accounts of satanic rituals, churches and so on. Even started his own church. He was bffs with the founder of the "church of satan".  He traveled in mysterious secretive circles, even as he served in his official capacity of his uniform. As early as 1982-3 he was first accused of being involved in child sex/kidnapping rings. At last count, over 400 children, completely unrelated to each other, except through this devil in uniform, have fingered him as their main abuser.

How do I fit into all this??? His primary source of children....

The nursery/daycares on U.S. Military Bases!!! Which is where I was when was exposed to him. I believe the teenage boy was one of his proteges.  The daycare was forced to hire him on direct orders from above...against recommendations of the employees for the safety of the little children. My mom said she(worked there, which is why me and my brothers went)and the other ladies said they felt very uneasy around the boy. Boss told them that they have no choice but hire him.

This is only the number who reported or identified him. Some adult survivors have, as well. Not only has he denied everything, he even claims that it's a huge widespread witchhunt to discredit him.  However, he has no answer for all the physical evidence of some of the cliams against him....namely satan worship and such. There are plenty of pictures of him with the head of the church of satan and certain Hollywood Icons. He started his own church, for goodness sakes!!!

His main official job was Psyops...psychological operations...he had learned how to specifically abuse little children to cause their minds to fracture. He then would program these "others" into mindless sex bots. The main host personality would have no memory of what was being done to them. AS they grew up, their programmed others would be used in more devious ways towards their clients. Ultimately these others became programmed into "Manchurian Candidates" to carry out assassinations and such.

All of the MK programs were "officially" canceled by the end of the 70s. Yet references have made it into mainstream media/entertainment in the past 15-20 years. Even more recently as the past few years, MK Ultra has popped up in hit songs and tv shows. So... why is that??? Perhaps MK Ultra is still in play, "unofficially".

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Re: MK Ultra TW! Violence; CSA
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2018, 06:42:27 PM »
andy, this is horrific to read and know, even tho it doesn't surprise me one bit.  to think that you were part of this makes my heart bleed.  'fracturing' children by such means - wtf is wrong with people!!!!!

i'm always with you, dear brother of my heart, always sending love and the best of everything to you as you wend your way thru the mess these 'others' made.  can they possibly be human?  i don't doubt that there's still stuff like this going on today by other countries as well, 'unofficially' as you say.

it's only our spirits that keep us going even with this knowledge.  your spirit is a miracle to behold, my sweet andy.  anything i can do to support you as you continue  healing, just say the word.  sending love and hugs full of compassion and awe at the wonder that is you.     :bighug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :bighug:



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Re: MK Ultra (Abusive CIA Mind Control Program) - TW! Violence; CSA
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2018, 02:26:05 AM »
San, it's beyond belief....almost as if taken from a screenplay for the "Twilight Zone" or the "Outer Limits" tv shows.  Or that new show "American Horror Story".  It frightens me to think I came so very very close to becoming one of his mind controlled trafficked child sex slaves. What I suffered was bad enough, but this probably would have devastated my parents beyond imagine.
I told them today, during a quiet private conversation, about all of this. My Dad was looking out the window with tears in his eyes, as he was listening. My Mom was very attentive. And when I explained the link between that evil person and the teen boy, it made perfect sense to her.  And that also makes perfect sense why their boss at the daycare told her and her coworkers that there was nothing they could do about the boy.  She asked me what or how I think I may have seen him...the bad man...and I said I saw him at the daycare, checking up on his protege. Who, I believe, was one of his earliest child victims.
If you could say maybe he sold his soul to satan....yeah, he sure did.

I'm so glad to have you with me, sister of my heart. That give me such great comfort. Your warm thoughts and love help carry me through the darkest  moments. You truly are a treasure that I hold most dear.  :hug:

Some believe God has abandoned us in our darkest hours...but I believe we have survived and are here now in our recovery journeys because of Him. In my life there were so many chances for me to have been killed or worse, by my abusers, yet I was not. To me, that is His grace and protection over my life. And I'm here with you, sharing my gift of loving compassion and kindness.
San, you are doing more than I could ever ask by being here with me. You are such a wonderful blessing.  :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :bighug: :bighug: :bighug: :bighug: :bighug: