Vulnerable moments anyone?

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Vulnerable moments anyone?
« on: September 24, 2018, 02:33:27 AM »
I'm here, 3 and a half hours after the event, still trying to feel relaxed, sometimes it takes time.
I'm just worried that this is affecting my work, and therefore my escape from this *-house I live in.

Today, after days of Roman peace, I've found out that telling the abusers "I'm in a bad mood/feeling asleep" after a narc gave me an order, is a dangerous situation for me.
A narcissist in my family said after my reply to the order and honest comment of being asleep: "I don't g a *****!"  and then, even when I was trying to calm the waters, a second narc joined and their drama began.
The attack was in stereo, as usual. And as you know, it was not a normal (even healthy) family fight, but a narc-sick one.

The most interesting part of the attack occurred in what I call an antilove-bombing, rivers of words of hate and threats (quite incoherent phrases I must say).


If you feel asleep and try to be "good" with them, that's a moment when they might attack you. Yes, they attack when you feel vulnerable, that's nothing new, but that's my reminder-lesson of the day.

We all have moments of vulnerability, and yes they might attack, and we might even fall (like I did) into the trap of "explaining" your good intentions.  -  But it's ok, I just need to refocus and move on. I'm doing that now, it takes time sometimes.

The positive aspect is that they show what they are really thinking and show who they really are once more, and that is always a good reminder.

I feel very tense and this is preventing me from doing my work normally tonight, that's worrying me a bit, to be honest.
Because if I can't focus I can't earn the money I need to escape once more.

 :no: It's true when some experts say that it takes up to 7 tries in average to leave.

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Re: Vulnerable moments anyone?
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2018, 08:34:25 AM »
I am not sure about your situation but I hope so much that you can get out soon.

These abusers love our vulnerable moments, but you are so right to note that this demonstrates so clearly, exactly what they are. Good people are caring when people are at their lowest. Hold onto these thoughts and move on to getting away.

All strength to you.