Post Induction Therapy

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Post Induction Therapy
« on: October 08, 2018, 01:45:44 PM »
Hi, My peeling of the onion has led me from serious self medication with alcohol, to being diagnosed with ADHD in adult life, then clinical depression and co-dependency and finally cPTSD!. And getting an understanding of this condition has finally started to make sense of life! In looking for sources for treatment I have come across the work of Pia Melody at The Meadows ( Although her work is labelled co-dependency it is rooted in childhood trauma and the impact that this condition has in adult life.

Pia herself is a survivor of childhood trauma and dependency on alcohol so as a therapist she is talking from the viewpoint of 'being there'. I am currently reading one of her books 'Facing Co-dependency' and this must be one of the best i have come across alongside Pete Walkers.

They run workshops - Survivors 1 & II. I believe these are based on a therapy technique the meadows developed and are using around the world called  - Post Induction Therapy (PIT). My question is has anyone out there been on these workshops &/or had any experience of PIT?

I would also be interested if anyone can point me to other effective therapies that have been used by anyone. I am fairly new to this community, blogging, etc. so please excuse me if I am asking a question that has been discussed before.

Many thanks in advance to your responses.

All the very best


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Re: Post Induction Therapy
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2018, 02:08:36 PM »
Hello and welcome, Black Adder! We're happy to have you with us.

This could be a question for Kizzie, I personally have not heard of post induction therapy but Kizzie is up-to-date on all the new therapies and information. Hopefully she'll log on soon and we'll see what she says.

Again, welcome, thanks for joining! :heythere: