First time in Cafe Chat

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First time in Cafe Chat
« on: November 04, 2018, 02:39:29 AM »
Hey Ya'll!

I'm eating a salad & my SO is sharing a Beer with me. :hug:
I bought a laptop a few hrs. ago. I can't wait til it gets here!!!  :)

I've been receiving SSDI for 25 yrs. I will be signing up with the Ticket-to-Work program, which allows folks getting SSDI to either get a JOB, or start a business.
I will be able to start Pet Sitting cats/dogs/small animals/ tropical & marine fish hopefully by January 2019. I will be bonded/insured after my first paycheck.  :thumbup:
I will need an EIN number to file taxes quarterly.
My SO & I are Not allowed to own any pets where we live now. :pissed:

Pet Sitting will allow me to have Pet Therapy :yes:  along with extra money so we may buy a New Mazda 3 hatchback before my birthday this summer.
First, I need to change the address on my driver's license.
Then I need to get a replacement social security card, sign up with a (TTW) Ticket-to-work agency.

I will be buying a wireless printer in December along with everything else I need for printing. I will also look into joining The lnternational Association of Pet Sitters.

Meanwhile, I will write down the assorted notes on specific traumas & follow the directions they give you in my "I Can't Get Over It- A handbook for Trauma Survivors- 2nd Edition. Author: Aphrodite Matsakis.

I need to go roll some more cigarettes, & the phone needs charging anyway.
I'll post again tomorrow.

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Re: First time in Cafe Chat
« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2018, 04:44:27 AM »
Hi locsossurviver60
Welcome to the cafe, new computers are a treat, I love getting new ones but you know, can't do that too often so I'm enjoying your purchase from here.
Hope the book is helpful, you can start a journal here if you want to track your progress or just do whatever, I've found the people here very welcoming, non judgemental, and understanding. Hope u do as well



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Re: First time in Cafe Chat
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2018, 06:45:03 AM »
Hey there,

A new laptop sounds awesome. I love the fresh feeling of new software. It runs so smoothly.

But it sounds like you've got plenty of things planned out! And the pet sitting sounds like a lot of fun, slightly envious. Lol

Hope you're doing alright.