been all over the place last couple of days and feel really fearful, struggling

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Really struggling  today, feeling utterly overwhelmed. Just dont know what to do as feel too many things need sorting and I cant face any of them. I just want to get away from it all.

Dont know if related to how I feel but read unwanted cards sent to me from parents of my FOO who am NC with. I know I felt bad after and a whole load of confusing emotions since.

I feel I need more human contact but at the same time I utterly cant face it. Feel like I need a year to cope with the things that have to do in a week. Worried about being by myself in the new year and getting stuck

Just really overwhelmed, know Im not in a good place and am utterly lost as to what to do about things.


Three Roses

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It sounds to me as if you may have been triggered into an EF.  :hug:

Emotional flashbacks are when your brain is triggered into a self defense mode, or into feeling as though you are small and helpless... Pete Walker describes them here, as well as steps to get out of one.

Please let me know later how you're doing.  :hug:



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  • 'Should' is never good for me.
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 :hug: :hug: :hug: Yes, sounds like an EF. In case even reading the link ThreeRoses sent is too much, can you feel into a warm, safe place and just allow yourself to be? 



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  • Hello welcome - so glad I am here and you are too
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Hello Sargasso
I hear you and can relate to what you share as i have these experiences too.
What i am learning is that the feelings of overwhelm and the thoughts of not being able to cope with 'stuff i need to do' are symptoms of being triggered and so the fear and panic play out in 'oh my god how am i ever going to cope with managing my life. What im learning in these times is to really just think about today and atop thoughts of tomorrow and the here after. concentrate on keeping things really simple and prioritising the 'must attend today things. Sometimes all i can attend to is eat sleep cuddle up with teddy bear and blanket and deep breathing and that is OK. Im trying to learn to not expect too much of myself. As peter w talks about perfectionism attacks can happen when triggered and for me that plays out in my mind thinking obsessively at speed of all the things i need to do , should do, can't do as too exhausted this then leads to my feeling even more anxious and overwhelmed. I have to say i don't always realize when 'in it' that this is a symptoms of emotional flashback and it feels very serious that i need to get my whole life in order. When i eventually come out of the flashback (which i never feel i will but always do) my psychology changes and i feel more cope and im not clinging on to external tasks and it all looks v different .
Do u have any mental health support near where u live ? Sometimes i use a phone line and that can be helpful.
Be gentle with yourself Sargasso ..working on the physiological nervous system regulation is our priority at times like this ....using the things that can help to calm us and soothe