13.02.19 - Incidents in the library

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13.02.19 - Incidents in the library
« on: February 13, 2019, 12:13:27 PM »
From my personal report:
2019/02/13 around 10:57 AM London time
The person I saw once with the laptop in the 8th computer area, likely because the other area was full.
I must not be interested in the reasons or intentions, but rather in the library rules as those can protect anyone's freedom to use the computer, as much as the library does the job properly.

Technically, a booked sessions works with 10 minutes waiting time available to log-in. When I reported the act to the librarian I was shy initially, the person pretended it was alright, then waited for the booking to expire. Unfortunately, it was just 5 minutes before the booking was going to expire.
To avoid any similar problem in the future, at the moment I think the best to point to be 2 minutes earlier than the booking start, so if any problem like this arise in the future, the librarian has enough time to handle it properly.
I have reason to believe the person may be abusive, and I suggest a firm solution.

The reason I use that computer is that is on the corner and I can have some privacy, depending if anyone is using the one close to it. The reason I need a computer is homelessness. The reason of homelessness are geographical, C-PTSD, past abuse, background and luck.
However, all this must makes literally 0 difference in the treatment received and perpetuated.

I've to add the booking system can have maximum 2 sessions booked in the future, including the current one no matter if logged in or not (a booked session would expire if not logged in 10 minutes after the booked time). A session generally our or less (it depends on opening/closing time and if there are other sessions booked).
I've add a booking at 10:47, and another one at 11:47. The one at 10:47 went lost as he managed to wait until the booked expired, then the 11:47 was left.

2019/02/13 around 11:53 AM London time
That person doesn't move, I go to the librarian, who checks the library booking system.
I then inform him the person he's still there, then the librarian goes and tells the person to move.
The person tells the librarian he needs the plug or something. Likely he wanted the private space.
However, that must not interest me.
Also, this is a library, and anyone has the right to use the space, that's why there's a booking system.
In is time frame it was me who booked it, then I had the right. If multiple people want to use the same area, then they've to organize and the booking system can allocate a time to each one, ideally, depending on the library.
The person eventually moves, but as soon as the librarian is away and he pass me while I'm coming to the computer, he says "*", I reply "you", and that's the end of it.
I don't know if that was the best reply, but something is sure, I was in one thread started by Blueberry, it is ALWAYS better to let it out than swallow it!
So good job here.
The incident is recorded to have a good history of the abuser.
Any further abuse must also be recorded.
Any single accident must be reported so that I can work well to protect I.C. and prevent any abusers from perpetrating their actions.

I had planned to post this if required, and I thought it was after the last incident.

Thank you for reading.   :heythere:



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Re: 13.02.19 - Incidents in the library
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2019, 12:54:21 PM »
Out of this situation I've not managed to enjoy the time as I wished and planned, too.

I wanted to spend some time dedicated only to myself, for once. So this time I wanted to watch some anime or TV series.

Most of the sites are blocked by the library, but I hoped that at the least for anime there'd be some sites witch haven't been blocked, yet.

I couldn't as when I've got hold of the computer it was already late and I had to write like flash on OOTS (I felt I need and wanted to write here), then I didn't have time.

Even this post has been written in like the last 3 minutes, the computer even disconnected me for a minute. (The edit has been done onnmy phone in 2  minutes, 3 before the library closed).
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