Things i wish i knew earlier (positive post)

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Things i wish i knew earlier (positive post)
« on: April 07, 2019, 03:23:46 PM »
Hi all,

just thought i would share some thoughts, I sometimes get annoyed with myself, and i wish the following:

- that i had had a better first therapist and that she would have said i had cPTSD
- that i knew this would take a while to overcome
- that i had the courage to explain and understand what was going on for me, rather than avoid friends and ruin relationships
- had not wasted so much on some of my addictions

However, as i sit here today, planning ahead, i am grateful for:

- now being able to identify the patterns as cPTSD
- finding this and another forum to ask questions, and some really useful podcasts and youtube channels that i can really relate to
- through that, accepting parts of myself as a work in progress
- accepting other parts of myself
- appreciating i need to put myself first now (I default to saving the world and not my own sanity)
- realising that it isnt a life sentence and i can change (the biggest plus)

this journey is far from easy, but its needed, very needed and i am glad its getting its space (as well as my inner child - as much as i find it hard using that term)

anyway, wishing you all well