podcast on the 1-2 punch of disorganized attachment + trauma

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Professor Daniel Brown talks about his belief that CPTSD results from insecure attachment (generally disorganized attachment) followed by trauma---note that his focus in this discussion seems to be largely on trauma that occurred in childhood at the hands of a caregiver. This podcast (Therapist Uncensored), in general, is a really good one to check out.
Here's more from the show notes (emphasis mine):
"This episode is packed with cool content! Learn about complex trauma, debunk myths of false memories from an expert witness for the prosecutors of child sexual abuse, and revisit the 3 Pillars Model of effective treatment for attachment disturbances, Dr. Daniel Brown!
Early attachment disruption is often the primary contributor to many adult mental health issues.  Treating symptoms without addressing the underlying root cause can set up both the therapist and the client, so it’s important we all understand what is happening below the surface.
In this Therapist Uncensored episode, Dr. Daniel Brown joins co-host Sue Marriott to discuss the 3 essential ingredients of effective and efficient treatment for many clinical issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, PTSD and personality disorders.
We also get to hear take away’s from the 200 child sexual abuse cases he has testified for as an expert witness for the prosecutors and his work at the International War Crimes Tribunal helping them establish a standard of evidence for victims of war atrocities.
From his wealth of knowledge regarding complex trauma and his extensive training in mindfulness and forensic psychology, Dr. Brown brings us deep insight into how treatment from an attachment perspective can lead to significant and lasting healing.
In this episode, TU87, we discuss:
What is the complex trauma profile and what does it actually mean? What is its etiology? You’ll learn how re-constructing complex trauma as a branch off of disorganized attachment can allow for faster and more powerful treatment.
We also discuss:
    Research findings that suggest that complex trauma is really disorganized attachment aggravated by later childhood abuse
    What Dr. Brown has learned through his experience as an expert witness in over 200 cases
    His research on sexual abuse through forensic testing, and how ideas behind the false memory claim and dissociative amnesia permeate
    The three pillars of treatment for attachment disorders (find out more about the three pillars in TU34 with David Elliott here!)
    Treatment on the anxious preoccupied side of the attachment spectrum (red side of the spectrum) and rectifying impaired self-development, chronic levels of anxiety, and chronic compulsive caretaking"



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Re: podcast on the 1-2 punch of disorganized attachment + trauma
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thank you for sharing this