Differences that men face p3

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Differences that men face p3
« on: June 11, 2019, 10:38:16 PM »
An infographic

The infographic can be viewed at https://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/infographic-mental-health-men

Men's mental health statistics

U.S. Male population 151,781,326
Males affected by depression per year: 6,000,000

Male depression often goes undiagnosed. Men are more likely to report fatigue, irritability, loss of interest in work or Hobbies, rather than feelings of sadness or worthlessness.

The highest suicide rates in the U.S. are found in Caucasian men over the age of 85.

Suicide is the 7th leading cause of death among males, accounting for 2.2% of all male deaths in 2011. Gay males are at an increased risk for suicide attempts, especially before the age of 25.

More than four times as many men as women die by suicide in the US. In 2010, a total of 38,364 Americans died by suicide and over three-quarters (79%) of these suicides were men.

Men are less likely than women to seek help for depression, substance abuse and stressful life events due to social norms, reluctance to talk, down playing symptoms.