How to Rent

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How to Rent
« on: November 25, 2019, 04:35:32 AM »
I hope this is okay to ask here - it's not directly relating to CPTSD but it would help to get any sort of advice. I'm looking to move out from my current rental, where I'm living with a flatmate. It was okay for the first year or so but now I'm having to ask her for the rent money and I'm unable to even move around the house because there's so much of her stuff lying around in the hallway and kitchen. I've always wanted to live alone anyway and I'm finally making the steps to do so.

But... I have no clue how to present myself well to a real estate agent in hopes of improving the likelihood that I'll get the property. Usually your parents teach you that stuff but you know... And school didn't teach me, and nobody really taught me. I've asked friends but they haven't moved out of their homes yet. I've asked my therapist but she's bought a property, never rented so she couldn't give me any advice.

I'm asking for advice because I'm pretty desperate at this point. I hate how suffocating and small my home feels. I live in my own room and it's not healthy...

So... when I go to a rental inspection to view a property...
#1. Is it polite to introduce myself to the real estate agent? Or is that just weird?
#2. Should I bother dressing up nicely and making a good impression by appearance?
#3. Is there anything I can say/do that might make me stand out among the rest of the applying members?
#4. Any Dos or Don'ts?

Sorry, I realise this isn't really the right place for it and I understand if the thread is locked or something.



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Re: How to Rent
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2019, 05:00:08 AM »
Hi Perplex,
Iím sorry about the roommate issue. There is little worse than having to endure an unpleasant living situation.
It sounds like thereís competition for limited housing where you live? Especially if thatís the case, then you do probably want to dress nicely if thereís any sort of interview as part of the screening. If itís an open-house style showing, then it certainly couldnít hurt to introduce yourself (but Iím not sure how necessary that is). The first thing most landlords are likely to take into consideration are credit score and income level, and whether youíve broken a lease in the past, or caused uncompensated damage to a property. On the latter note, you  might want to be prepared to offer references from past landlords so they can run a background check. Thatís the kind of stuff that was asked of me last time I rented an apartment.
Another thought: nowadays, folks may also look at your social media, if you have any, so you may want to make sure that whatever youíve put up there doesnít do anything to suggest to an outside party that you might somehow be an undesirable tenant (e.g., irresponsible or a magnet for unwanted drama, or such)
Good luck with your new home search   :)
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Re: How to Rent
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2019, 04:39:10 PM »
Hi perplex
Congrats and recognising your need for self care and space... Sounds good.
I can understand.. These big life event things can be overwhelming and I often feel young in these things..
With rentals I have mainly opted for people who have owned the property rather than rental companies as I've found they have treated me well..
However I have been with rental companies. For me I've just dressed smart casual... Been myself and just acted open and honest. They usually will introduce themselves first.
I'd say rental companies are often interested in if people are working and references fore most...