Julie Brown Yau interview about trauma therapy

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Julie Brown Yau interview about trauma therapy
« on: December 05, 2019, 02:57:45 AM »
Julie Brown Yau is a U.S.-based therapist who has dealt with a range of trauma-related issues during her career.

This recent interview appeared on a site known as "Buddha at the Gas Pump." Despite the name, the site is NOT geared to pushing any religious or spiritual views; it features interviews with relatively unknown people (with some exceptions) who aren't famous but are very well-attuned to the fields they represent -- with special emphasis on how spirituality and psychology (loosely defined) intersect.

Many of the interviews on this site are extremely long -- this one runs just shy of 2 hours. I found that it wasn't 'til after the first half hour that the focus seemed to flow better.

The emphasis is on Yau's experiences and keen observations from her 30 years or so of practice. It's not mentioned extensively 'til right at the end, but she has a recent book (I haven't seen it yet but it sounds great) just out called "The Body Awareness Workbook for Trauma: Release Trauma From Your Body, Find Emotional Balance, and Connect with Your Inner Wisdom."

The interview itself is #526 in the "Batgap" series and was recorded recently. There are tons of other interview there but only a few are specifically geared to trauma as this one is. The style  is wonderfully relaxed.

The link to the interview: