Ritual Abuse, DID & Self-Harm (TW)

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Ritual Abuse, DID & Self-Harm (TW)
« on: February 27, 2020, 03:02:47 PM »
I was self-harming myself. I was coping the pain my entire life that is beyond normal human capacity, creating my complex DID system with sub-rooms, sub-layers, doors and hallways, where countless of my little ones, the inside self-state alters dwell. I was feeling fine to let myself be abused again, just to normalize the pain, yet it was harmful.

I have only started to know that there were dissociative identities within me, when there were flashbacks and communication within, since July 2017. I had communication between my fragmented parts through letters writing, headspace insiders and visualizing the hubs within me, which they reside. I am still finding it very hard to accept that my self is being split into multiple identities, leading to selflessness.
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