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Re: General Reflections About the Week - anything and everything
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2015, 11:47:46 PM »
Thank you Mary Contrary.  :hug:

Argh!  :sadno:  :pissed:  :thumbdown:  :'( :'(  :blink:  :pissed:  :sadno:

Im struggling with something the last 2 days. Everyone is ignoring it, I tried to talk to my husband, he talked to me about these teenagers he was counseling at work who he told me came from abusive backgrounds. I am really happy when he helps those teenagers and even offer they can come and talk in our home whenever they need, which he always offers. But he told me last night the world is really sad and sometimes these kids overwhelm him with sadness. So thats how the topic turned and I was happy to sort it out with him and discuss it and share the burden but i felt he minimized my issue.

So i'll tell you guys,
So last year my dad had a heart attack and was in ICU my brother went to see him from here in Australia (my parents live in NZ) and we all thought it was the end, my mother told me not to come as she and he couldnt handle me coming even though i was going to stay in a motel with the children. He hasnt met two of them. I havent been there for 8 years.

Now my cousin and his partner who have been living in Australia from Holland are trying to get a residence visa but need to apply offshore in NZ and my Aunt asked my mother if they can stay with her in her precious house and she has said yes!
and its for months.

I am in major ef's all the time, feel like I need to talk, release it but there is only my T and I don't know if this is a good enough reason to bother her, so what if I'm upset? * just get over it already.
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Re: General Reflections About the Week - anything and everything
« Reply #16 on: April 13, 2015, 05:19:44 PM »
Weird, for some reason I didn't see these posts until today.  Sorry! I think it's because I viewed some things on my smart phone and it then recorded them as "read" when they hadn't been.  Oh well, just a belated sorry for what you've been experiencing Annegirl.  And I agree with everyone that like said anything goes here, so the honesty is much supported and appreciated.  Alllowing us to practice empathy and compassion for your experience is a gift as well.  The great thing w/empathy is that I can hear about your difficulties and pain, but it doesn't "stick" with me...I try to listen, reflect and support.  Then for me the pain is gone although for you it's likely a longer journey...

Ok, so on to Step 6.  I will be posting soon ;D