Activity 2, Self-help: Your response now to the inappropriate responsibility.

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I think making someone think they are responsible for being abused is soul killing. Being abused sucks, thinking you caused it to happen is a whole other level.

Here's how I think of it.
Telling a child they are responsible for abuse is like telling someone they are responsible for a tornado.
If abuse is like a tornado. A tornado hits, it's terrible, you lose your shelter, you mourn, you talk about it, you get sympathy, you heal. But, if you think you caused the tornado, it's terrible, you feel guilty and you tell no one, you are completely alone, without shelter, while the shame slowly eats at you.

If my parents could understand that what they did was wrong, that means they have died and are in the * that I have imagined for them. One where they actually have empathy, and can see how their actions and choices affected others. They get to live with this knowledge for eternity.

In the real word they have neither empathy nor an ability to see anything from a perspective that is not their own.