ISSTS CT SIG Bibliography for Complex PTSD in the Works

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ISSTS CT SIG Bibliography for Complex PTSD in the Works
« on: May 17, 2020, 06:05:25 PM »
We (the ISTSS Complex Trauma Special Interest Group) were given the go ahead recently to include a bibliography of books and journal articles relating to CPTSD/CT on our web page.  I'm working on this right now and once the first batch is posted (in a month or so - tedious work), I'll hand it off (hopefully) to a volunteer to keep adding to it.

What this does is gather in one place all the research/academic knowledge/data about CPTSD/CT which serves to legitimatize it. It has been an uphill battle to make the diagnosis 'official' and the subject of a lot of debate in trauma circles so this will be a substantial body of knowledge/ evidence/ data those professionals in favour of the diagnosis can point to (e.g., writing up the proposal for the APA DSM as they have to substantiate why it should be included & that will mean referencing a lot of studies).

I will include the bibliography at OOTS too as it's something we can steer service providers to (insurers, physicians, therapist, etc).