Healing From Trauma-Jasmin Lee Cori's Chapter 5 Summary

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Healing From Trauma-Jasmin Lee Cori's Chapter 5 Summary
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1. Resolving serious (and especially repeated) life trauma takes a great deal of time and energy and becomes a major part of your life journey.

2. On this journey of healing, you can't be an accidental tourist. You have to invest yourself in various tasks.

3. A major part of the curriculum is collecting tools and strategies for making your life work, along with resources that help you feel empowered and good about yourself.

4. This is not a course you master alone. Find the people who can help, be they professionals or simply caring people in your life.

5. Know that sometimes your view is obscured and you can't see your progress. Others can help by reflecting to you how you have changed in positive ways.

6. Sometimes we stall out. If you aren't managing your symptoms any better and are going over the same territory again and again without noting any difference, these are signals that you could benefit from more help.

7. Each person's journey will be unique; there is not one path we can all follow.

8. You may need to try many different tools and therapies before finding the combination that works best for you, and this combination will likely change at different times.

9. Never give up. If you are thrown down, pick yourself up again. If you need help, ask for it.

10. Celebrate your progress, however small. Each step of healing is a victory.