Healing From Trauma - Chapter 5 Additions

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Healing From Trauma - Chapter 5 Additions
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Basic Requirements for the Journey:  (pg 84)

1. Self-care tools (for soothing, comforting, containing, grounding etc. See chapters 8 and 9)
2. Continual development of personal resources (see below)
3. The right helpers and interventions (see chapters 6 and 7)

The Tasks of Healing

1. Resetting your nervous system
2. Freeing your body of the impacts and holding patterns that have derived from the trauma
3. Expanding your capacity to stay present
4. Mastering the trauma symptoms
5. Being able to feel a full range of emotions without being controlled by any one of them
6. Managing and coming to peace with your memories (or lack of them)
7. Coming to terms with what happened
8. Making up for what you missed
9. Integrating
10.Giving back

Personal Resources

1. The will to heal
2. Being a good life manager
3. Your capacities
4. Caring people in your life
5. Good physical health and energy
6. Money
7. Healthy spirituality
8. A caring partner
9. Help with various needs
10. Living in balance

Please note that only headings have been copied. The author expands on each numbered topic or refers to later chapters in the book. This chapter is filled with writing exercises designed to help inventory efforts and prioritize most pressing needs.

I am returning this book to the library and heading out to Barnes & Noble to pick up my own copy.  :bigwink: