Satanic Ritual Abuse "Discredited" Again

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Satanic Ritual Abuse "Discredited" Again
« on: September 02, 2021, 10:55:28 PM »
Hello all,

I'm going to visit here more often as I have been integrating and awakening successfully. I may have some good tips to share! I'm also moving this post from the CPTSD in adults over to children as my brain took the most damage ages 0-5. My trauma therapist named my developmental challenges in object permanence, theory of mind, and timekeeping. In articulating how my mind works, I use the term "ChildMind" to depict all ages that are present in my subconscious mind. CM is fear-based and blocked everything, so I've had to become metacognitive with her in order to change my programming enough to function.

I've been upset since reading this article last week:

It's a 20 minute read so I'll sum up where I'm hurt. "Some members of the DID Internet Community subscribe to the DISCREDITED idea that SATANIC CULTS have caused some peoples DID."

I've worked as a news editor myself and write well so far as I know. This sentence only serves the author in making sure they don't go down THAT road. Satanic = Red Herring. But what about the fact that SRA DOES cause some peoples DID? How about the word "OFTEN DISCREDITED" or "SOMETIMES DISCREDITED." Or LEAVE THE WHOLE WORD OUT OF THE SENTENCE.

This hurts a lot. To see there are others has been EVERYTHING to me. This article made me feel validated, then took that validation away in ONE SINGLE WORD. How dare they?