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(Updated 15 Sep 2017)

Out of the Storm (OOTS) is an anonymous discussion group and resource site for adults whose lives have been affected by Complex Post Traumatic Disorder (CPTSD). 

If you are a child or youth experiencing abuse/neglect and don't know what to do, please go to Child Helpline International, and call the number of the help line closest to you.  These organizations have trained staff who will listen and support you, and if you want they will help you figure out what to do.  Please don't wait, pick up the phone. You can change the ways things are with help and support!

If you are an adult , OOTS is a community of peers who share information about our understanding of and experiences with CPTSD, and support one another as we move forward in learning, healing and recovering. 

There is one main discussion forum for those who developed Complex PTSD in childhood and another for whom CPTSD developed in adulthood.  The remainder of the forums are common to all members.  Please note that there is a list of acronyms here, and a glossary of terms here.

This site is moderated and administered by volunteers who are dealing with CPTSD in their lives.  We are not medical or mental health professionals, and the discussion board is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for professional therapy or mental health services. If you are in crisis, please do not wait. Reach out for help - it's out there for you. Call your doctor, go to the nearest Emergency Room, call a hotline or look for some assistance here. 


Read the Member Guidelines - Please begin by reading through our Guidelines for Members. We have a warning system which may lead to being banned for when members do not abide by our Guidelines so it is important that you read them. 

Read about CPTSD - Please have a look through the web page section of the site, in particular the section  "About Complex PTSD."    There are also a number of useful forms in the "Resources" section under "Downloads" that you may wish to print out, in particular the forms "Symptom Tracker" and "Causes of CPTSD." These forms can be useful to take to  your physician or therapist. 

Begin Posting - Once you're ready, you may post here about yourself and your situation in this sub-forum or anywhere that seems appropriate to begin.  Please remember that there are two distinct forums depending on when you developed CPTSD, in childhood or adulthood. 

If you do not receive a reply to a post please understand that the board tends to be cyclical in terms of participation; that is, sometimes members are quite active and at others times they are quieter depending on where they are in recovery, demands in their personal lives, a need to take a break, etc. So you may post and not get a response immediately. If that's the case, you may want to join into a thread that is currently active so that you are able to get involved in some ongoing discussion.   

If something you post is particularly graphic, intense or on the darker side, please include a warning in the title "Possible Trigger." As per our guidelines we try to avoid being overly graphic in our descriptions about our experiences, but sometimes because of the trauma we've been through it is inevitable that we will venture into  territory that is or may be triggering. The words "Trigger Warning" in the title of your post will help alert members so they choose to avoid reading disturbing posts they may not be willing/able to hear about at their stage of recovery.  If the Moderators consider something too graphic they may edit your post.

Again, welcome and we hope you find the information you need to move 'out of the storm' that is CPTSD.
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