Professional Help Activity 2: Sexual Issues & Specialized Therapy or Resources

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Reminder: In order to honor our group process we ask that only current ASCA workbook group members post and respond here please.  If you would like to join in at this time or a later date please send the moderator a PM.  Thank you.

Note:  Your recovery is unique to you.  These topics and activities are suggestions.  Please feel free to do and respond to those that work for you at this time.

2.   If sexual problems persist, you may want to consider seeing a specialist in sex therapy to resolve old associations and fears that may have become habitual and that may be affecting your sexual relationship(s).  You may also want to read any of a number of books to give you more information about the methods and goals of sex therapy.  Some survivors give up on their sexuality when they reach this last stage because there are so many other positives to fill their lives now.  However, you need not limit yourself and your partner in this area.  You can reclaim your sexuality for yourself, and your partner, just as you reclaimed your childhood.  If you need additional information or referrals, speak with your therapist.