Guideline Reminder - Protecting Privacy

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Guideline Reminder - Protecting Privacy
« on: September 05, 2015, 05:40:24 PM »
As you may know, from time to time we will post a guideline to remind members about something we see beginning to occur on the board.  This reminder is about protecting your privacy and that of others.  Obviously we are adults and you may choose to reveal personal information, but we strongly encourage you to avoid this wherever possible. 


Protecting the confidentiality and privacy of members at OOTS is paramount to our membersí sense of safety and community and we take this very seriously.  We cannot guarantee absolute privacy/ confidentiality because this is an online forum, but we will do as much as possible to protect members.  This includes encouraging you to protect your own privacy and that of other members.

Protecting your privacy
- It is strongly recommended that you  do not use your real name and carefully consider posting any information, a user name, email address, avatar or photo which would allow others to recognize you and/or your family/friends.  Anyone may join this site including those who have perpetrated or been involved in your abuse.

Protecting the privacy of others - Members are also expected to respect the privacy of others and not to try to solicit personal information via posts on the board or PMs.  If the Moderation Team receives a complaint and/or sees a pattern of doing so the member will be warned and possibly banned.