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« on: November 01, 2015, 04:40:45 AM »
I've found it helpful to use imagery or symbolism to aid the process of getting in touch with my inner self. 

One favourite symbol involves a  a word-picture I kind of tuck in my heart somewhere for when I need a little boost. I've camped lots, and have often used what's known as a candle-lantern. It's tin or brass, with a door inside which the candle is placed. There's tiny piercings all around the tin exterior, so even with the door shut and the wind howling, enough air gets in to keep the candle lit. Of course, if it's calm enough, you can fully open the door and enjoy the peaceful light.

The candle represents the spirit/soul/inner self, whatever it's called; with the lantern's door shut, even the fiercest storm can't extinguish it.

So light your candle, tuck it inside the lantern, close the door; and know it's always there and can't blow out, as in fact you are that protected candle.

I have other symbols and metaphors, but that one helps lots when I'm really down. It'd be fun to hear of a symbol/metaphor that's helped you "weather the storm."

Below is a pic of the lantern.

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Re: Symbols/Visualizations
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Nice one!  :thumbup:



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Re: Symbols/Visualizations
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2015, 10:02:01 AM »
i wrote this when i was still christian. i still go there sometimes, even tho i can't be one anymore. he/she/it is still there though, even if i don't know the name of whoever it is anymore. i think they are still my friend.


There’s a place I go to…

At the outside door is a big old crate
For all the stuff I have in my carrier bags.
I dump it in to pick up later (maybe) when I leave.

Down a sun-speckled passage; lazy light
Filtering through dusty windows buzzes
With heavy afternoon flies.
Old polished wood and frayed carpets
Fill my nostrils with the quiet, peaceful
Always-ness of childhood.

The door at the end is old, dark wood,
Latched, with a step and
Swings open with the oiled ease of years
Into crystal brightness redolent of
Summer-sun-shine smells inexpressibly sweet.

Tall picture windows, gardens beyond wide French doors,
Flagstone floor with a central, sunken space
All cushiony with comfy sofas
And sometimes a warm fire in the grate.

This is where, blood-washed, I meet with His welcoming kindness
His sweetness
His inspirings
His insights
Sometimes His redirections
His corrections

Always with His love.



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Re: Symbols/Visualizations
« Reply #3 on: November 01, 2015, 01:10:13 PM »
woodsgnome that is lovely. I visualize myself in a beautiful forest with forest smells and light breeze and sunshine- and to be extra safe there's a clear force field around the forest and no-one can get in! I am in nature but I am completely protected :)