Speech/letter to TherapistMom.

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Speech/letter to TherapistMom.
« on: November 01, 2015, 12:56:27 PM »
I wrote this letter in Dutch.
(I'll never send it. I also have no inclination to tell her this. But I might, someday when the situation warrants it. Even though I don't know at this point what a 'situation that warrants it' might be, or when that would happen.)
I thought I'd share.

*** possible triggers on bad therapists ***

"Mother, I don't want to 'talk things over with you' anymore. I know from experience that these so-called conversations will always end up whitewashing your misconduct. They always result in you "figuring out what went wrong" and the end is always that there is some so-called 'cause', or a previous event, or some sort of 'hurt' was inflicted on you, to the effect you actually couldn't help it, and it's me who has "done it".
I will no longer participate in your whitewashing-schemes.
I will no longer dig my own grave by "talking it over" with you, by "sitting down together" and reconcile. You have proven you are perfectly able to reconcile it yourself, without any 'aid' from me. You have never needed any 'aid' from me, other than me handing you the ammo to execute me with. Me handing you the nails so you could crucify me with them.
I will no longer facilitate the whitewashing that the Therapist you hired so slyly pulls off. This Therapist being you yourself, this self-serving creature that hides so conveniently by the label "mother" you have pinned on her lab-coat in this game of cloak-and-dagger.
No more whitewashing, Misses Therapist. You're fired. Don't let the door hit you on the way out."