The Self-Acceptance Project

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The Self-Acceptance Project
« on: January 23, 2016, 07:36:43 AM »
Subtitled "How to Be Kind and Compassionate Toward Yourself", this is a series of free audio/video interviews with several people whose expertise touches on various aspects of recovery, focusing on the importance of self-acceptance in finding one's way through the fog.  The interviews are generally 30-45 minutes with over 20 people in various fields.

Most of the guests have also put together other programs by the producer--Sounds True Productions--but references to them are slight if any. The only "catch" is the registration asks your email so they can send announcements of their other products but it's easy to unsubscribe from it and just retain access to the "Self-Acceptance" interviews.

I found many of the presentations refreshing yet thorough. Perhaps some of the interviews have made their way to YouTube by now. Anyway, there's some interesting material here. The link is:   
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