Disappointing a Friend

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Re: Disappointing a Friend
« Reply #15 on: July 08, 2016, 05:42:45 PM »
Wednesday evening was so hot, humid and polluted I couldn’t breathe. I managed to get one air conditioner into the bedroom window, but I could feel an old familiar pain waking up in my lower back, plus all the exertion of wrestling with that behemoth left me exhausted. Thursday at work my back still hurt. I texted my friend, I’d take him out to dinner if he came by that evening to help me with the other two air conditioners.

I got home from work in time to find one of my large plants had somehow jumped off the plant stand and smashed its clay pot to pieces on the floor dumping out soil, plant and all. As if my place didn’t look crappy enough already. I ran around like the crazy person that I am scooping up the mess. Poor plant, it’s still in pieces, didn’t have time to fuss with repotting it just then. I had to scoop the litter pans, haul out the trash, drag the other two air conditioners out of storage, place them under their respective windows, find screws and two screwdrivers, one flat, one cross point, find the slats that level the air conditioners so they drain outside not inside, fill up a mug with ice, chill it in the freezer, text him I was home, where was he and before I forgot, take my meds.

We got the job done, had a lovely dinner and in spite of the horror of my unkempt apartment, he invited himself over again. He complained it’s been so long since I had him over, my cats don’t recognize him anymore. That was a bit of a guilt trip. I tried to explain to him about my kind of crazy. He thinks there’s hope for me. My P & T are both on my case to reengage with humanity. He has his daughter the next two weekends in a row. This weekend I’m booked up solid. I’ll adjust my plans for next weekend so I will have time for him and his daughter.

But OMG my apartment! Since I re-injured my spinal cord I've been put back on the higher dose of the med I want to get off of all together. I only take it at night, because it puts me right under the table, scrambles my brains and makes word salad come out of my mouth.
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