New problems with Sister worried about mental health...

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New problems with Sister worried about mental health...
« on: December 10, 2014, 06:38:10 AM »
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Background info:

July 24:
 UnPDSis has been living in my house for 1 year without any rent being paid, I sent her a registered letter asking her to evacuate in 60 days. She is also mad about the Notice to evacuate my house.  A 60 day notice which is quit generous.


So  went and got the papers to file an eviction notice against MY uNPDSis and nephew.  I have delayed on filling them out! I tried to work it out with them texting both of them saying I am gong to evict you if You don't contact me. I did not hear anything.. I went away on the weekend and said I will be home on monday and if I don't hear from You on Monday I am going to evict You on Tuesday. (tomorrow)

I said on Sept, 25.

I ask them (uPDSIS and My Nephew) to leave and gave them a 60 day notice to be out by Aug 31,. She has had me on silent treatment since June. I have to file the eviction notice. Very depressing how all this has gone for me. I have been putting stuff in the house to move there when I leave uNPDH. I have everything valuable in there. I am afraid she is stealing. I hate that She has used me like this. I realized that Our relationship all these years was based on ME giving and giving to her. when I started setting various boundaries then she has NO use for me. I think these problems with her has made My CPTSD worse or at least brought out NEW things to deal with...lots of FOO.

Oct, 8th:
I saw nephew out in the yard when I dropped off GC for school bus. I called him toward me and Asked Him how they were coming on finding a place to stay. He said we are trying to save money for it. I said I asked You to be out by August 31, I said I am going to go and file eviction papers tomorrow! He said "Would You really do that to Family?" I said Yes I would! Family I said.. Family does not move into a place and not pay rent. He said "why should I pay rent when the house is/was such a mess." I said I gave you 4 months of rent for the mess and that is $10.00 per hour for 60 hours and that is plenty enough to pay for You to clean it. I said family does not move into someone's  house and not pay rent. You have lived in My house for 15 months for a total of $2250. money! Family does not refuse to borrow someone a $400. loan when they owe them $1200. and are asking for money to pay their taxes and just got a settlement of $5,000. Family does not take advantage of Family. He said I never agreed to cleaning the house, No You did not but uNPDSis  did! Well I helped You some...yeah not $2,000 worth. He said well I work everyday! I said well uNPDSis is home everyday!

Nov12- today.
I goth papers in Niv 12, I will take a few weeks to get it served!  When I went to the courts they seemed to want to get it done in a hurry. The court date was Dec. 3rd. I was so afraid to go but got My self together and went. I was afraid that My Sister would be there and the things that sometimes happen in courts with PD.She did not show... I Did NOT ask for back rent even though it was her fault The plumbing did not get done. So I saved her $2,250.00. A gift. Judge gave Her 5 days to get out.

All My long time tenants and acquaintances are Mad at ME. uNPDSis started hanging around with the people she Hated the most.  She has told so many lies about ME that she has almost turned everyone against me! My Own Son is against me!He thought I should just Let her stay.   :stars: I am hurt but at the same time relieved. I really want their Drama out of My life. Really been mourning her since June, when she started to give me the silent treatment. Still Moving forward hurts!  :stars:

I am starting to get nervous, scatterbrained, etc.. They Were supposed to be out by 12/9 midnight... well they are still there!  :pissed: :stars: Then One of the tenants that I used to go to church with called me (flying monkey I just realized as I typed this!  ;D) asking about a picture frame she wants me to give her.  I ask How UNPDS was going with Moving...She said as fast as she can.

Of course I got nervous hearing this... I am going to have to call a Sheriff to get her out! I am trying to breath deep... going through notes on here. This is going to be a major battle...She has always been so stubborn.  :doh: She changed the locks So I think I am going to have to call the Sheriff Just to get the Key!

Maybe just wanting a little encouragement or advice! A little fun to cheer me up!

  :band: Keep on Keeping on!  :band: :phoot: Keep on Keeping on!  :band: :phoot: Keep on Keeping on!  :band: :phoot:  :band: