First day on Prozac

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First day on Prozac
« on: August 31, 2017, 11:59:56 AM »
Today is the first day I am taking (prescribed) Prozac. First week I supposed to only take half a pill, a full pill on 2nd week and meet with the Psychiatrist on day 14 for a check-up. All these in conjunction with twice a week session with my Therapist/Psychologist.

I was prescribed something 20 years ago, after a couple of weeks, my family found out about it. They threw away the medication and dragged me to see a priest gave me prayer regiment and repent. Since then, regardless of how bad my symptoms are, I never took any medication.

I am nervous about what's ahead of me. I read the side effect, but I also read how the medication could help. I don't want to get addicted, but I also don't want to experience the dark days again.

Wish me luck!


Three Roses

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Re: First day on Prozac
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2017, 02:45:53 PM »
I was very resistant to medication when it was first suggested to me, many years ago. After a particularly bad day, I changed my mind.

I don't like the thought of my brain being altered my chemicals but I hate even more how I feel when I'm not on Prozac. I have tried several times to come off it but the Major Depressive Disorder is still there. Maybe someday they'll discover how to rid us of that without chemical help.

There was a period of adjustment, for me, of a couple of months or so. I'm sorry your family was not supportive of your first go at it, and I'm hoping you feel better soon! If prayer was a guaranteed success, I would have been healed too.  ;)



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Re: First day on Prozac
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2017, 05:05:30 PM »
Hi bee
Thank u for sharing ... I am on an anti dep and it works very well for me ...  As you say I too don't want any of those ' awful times it can get very unbearable,,
Through my own experience I would say keep sharing about how you are each day on prozac ,,, starting on meds can be bumpy and it can take time to get an even keel ,, I have had difficulties starting meds and the reactions in my mind and body,,
Sucidial ideas can become stronger and I can never tolerate that ( gp said give it time it will pass) but I couldnt and came off it ,, I am on citalopram now and going on it was a bit rough but bearable and now I'm stable on it,, I don't mean to scare you even more but it is good to know that can happen and that its a symptom of going on some meds)
Its said also to allow 4-6 wks for full benefit on the low mood but I  get benefit almost immediately
The addiction issue is one of psychological addiction and not physical ,,
So when I ask I addicted well I say *.yes I need them to.function!
I certainly do not want on them for life and have now started trauma therapy with one of my longer goals off meds,,

Three roses I so relate to all of what you shared ,, those words could easily be spoken by me
Hope you are well today

Bee keep sharing, I'd like to hear how u are getting on x