Hoover attempt by Golden Child Former Siblings

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Hoover attempt by Golden Child Former Siblings
« on: July 08, 2018, 11:24:11 PM »
 :stars: I got a text a few days ago from my old neighbor saying she had just met my GC brother. He and my GC sister apparently had been over at my old house looking for me? They of course didnít come right out and ask for me or where I was they pretended like they were there on behalf of their church trying to encourage people to join. In this context my GC brother tells my old neighbor that his sister used to live there and points to my old house. So my neighbor starts telling him yes she loves me and misses me and I was the best neighbor she ever had. She said he got a weird look on his face like she couldnít be talking about me??? Anyway my GC sister just introduced herself but never said she was my sister and had religious medals on her shirt, whatever that means. So my neighbor asked me what the bad blood between us was. I explained how I got disowned over their lies and manipulation and how they were never really nice to me and only used me and blamed me for everything in their lives they refused to be accountable for. She listened and said she understood she did not tell them where I currently live and she even said she will not even answer the door next time they comeback. They told her they would be back to follow up??? They only went to three of my former neighbors looking for information about me??? This is also how hypocritical they are pretending they are doing it in the name of the lord??? Anyway this upsets me and gives me a stomach ache because I fear itís only a matter of time they will either again be at my door yelling and screaming and cursing at me and blaming and guilting me or they will show up at my job soon. Itís horrible and I have left them alone completely since being disowned two years ago. Itís also very embarrassing for me and shameful to have to tell people how they have treated me when they do things like this. Why canít they just leave me alone so I can heal and be as whole as I can be given the situation I was born in and have tolerated and attempted to survive my whole life. Just venting today, I hope and pray they just stay away from me now. I think both my narc former parents just wanted something to gossip about so they sent their flying golden children monkeys on a mission to get them some information.  :fallingbricks: this is exactly how it all makes me feel!